Each person in our midst—regardless of gender, age, race or any other status—is valuable to us. This is reflected in the wide range of people serving among us in different capacities. We love the diversity of our gifts, skills, histories and experiences. Some of us are new believers; others have been on this road a long time. In any case, we are a community cheering one another along in our journeys with Jesus. Take a minute to read about our people. The below is a partial list. Each time you click on the link below you will see different people (Staff members are included in each iteration). Click here to see more people.
Brenda Ahlemann

Mountain Jublilee Choir, chess, Star Wars, cello, and data. What do they all have in common? Brenda. To figure out how they intersect, ask Brenda! We love her insight, ready laughter, and the deep cello sounds she brings to worship.

Josie Decker

Dr. Josie was a first responder to unreached villages after the 2004 Tsunami—via helicopter! She also wins marathons, works ER, and then comes home where she gardens with her littles and a man from Texas. This Jesus lover is hardcore parkour.

Mark Francis

One of Mark’s life messages is “Encourage one another daily,” and he definitely practices what he preaches. Looking for the treasure in you, he’ll be quick to laud it. And it’s always a good day when he sends a note of encouragement your way.

Lesley Cotita

Lesley knows her way around interior design, workplace happy hours, British TV, and stringing together a phrase. She’s a dedicated friend in whom you’ll find a deep well of encouragement and quiet joy. She’s also a whole lot of fun.

Shannon Jordan

Shannon often delivers a tender message from God with tears. She’s passionate about every one of us coming into the full knowledge of the goodness of God. We really, really, really appreciate her leading our amazing Children’s Church ministry.

Aaron Rudd Elder

An encourager at heart, Aaron often brings the pastoral message to our church family. He is gifted with a strategic mind and words of wisdom and faith. Want to talk shop? Aaron is the business professional to know.

Mike Buhler Elder

Are you still wondering if money grows on trees? Perhaps you should take a class from Mike. Beyond his wisdom and discernment with financial matters, Mike has a tremendous gift of faith and encouragement. He’s someone you want to listen to.

Lori Doll Elder

Lori’s powerful worship voice will stop you in your tracks. After she has your attention, she’ll do everything possible to encourage you to be a passionate God-chaser who allows nothing to hold you back.

BJ Sorensen

Ask BJ about winning triathlons, executing brand strategy, world history, climbing Kilimanjaro and God’s healing touch—just a few of his interests. We appreciate his soft-spoken kindness, but when hanging around BJ, be prepared to be challenged!

Eddie Decker

Eddie’s pretty opinionated about the difference between a “cook-out” and a “bar-b-q”—must be a Texas thing. But this cross-fit-training, power-tool-wielding tough guy is the first to shed tears for love of family and the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Corky Seevinck Staff & Elder

Corky’s quick wit, infectious laughter, and profound wisdom and knowledge of Scripture make his teaching gift shine. Many among us look to Corky as a spiritual father. We dare you to challenge him to a debate.

Kevin Erickson

Kevin hails from Montana, and his flannels and trucks and guns are the real deal. He’s one of the founding members of our church crew, so he’s been serving with us for 30+ years! Thank you Kevin for loving this body for so long—we love you more.

Paul Seevinck

Paul facts: An avid learner, serious traveller, and teacher at heart—this guy can talk about almost anything. Besides being a great conversationalist, Paul is a good friend and leader among us. We value his authenticity, boldness and song.

Laura Francis

Whether she’s in her studio at the piano with a child or in the kitchen at the countertop with you, Laura shines one-on-one and is your encourager. Quick to laughter, she graces our church family with beauty, joy and gratitude.

Sarah Taylor

Want to see differently? Sarah has this amazing way of getting you to think about things at a deeper level—while belly laughing at the same time. Her passionate pursuit for truth and love will challenge you like iron sharpens iron.

Tom Sanger Staff

Tom is the master at organizing, admin, and getting things done (just maybe he’ll show you his binder collection). He’s also served our youth as chauffer and scavenger hunt planner. Tom models that friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Becca O'Bryan Staff

Without Becca we’d be a big hot organizational mess. Along with Tom and the other staff, Becca handles a lot of our communication and our super complicated schedule. We also love her song.

Stanley Doll Staff & Elder

Stanley’s table is set with Beef Wellington and chocolate mousse for orphans, wayfarers, and long time friends alike. He trains us to hear the Father’s voice and to speak extravagant-grace-abounding freedom to all we encounter here and abroad.

Raelynn Longhat

Raelynn is a people-person at heart, and she knows everyone—OK, maybe not everyone. This Caddo-Kiowa-Delaware-Cheyenne-Arapaho-Irish-German girl knows how to give, especially to our youth. Want to be a giver? Watch Rae and learn.

Kelli Bode

Sweet home Alabama! Kelli along with her husband and boys came to us via Prague. But there’s no denying it, this sweet gal is a ‘Bama girl at heart. She serves crawfish with joy and her kindness and tenderness are poured out in prayer.

Nancy Logan

Nancy’s got a silver-lining kind of outlook and describes herself as a parallelogram in a round world. She’s happy when outdoors and traveling and even more happy when helping others and seeing God’s restoration power at work.

Helen Roberds

Hiking the Western Trail or skiing black diamonds in Headwall forest? Helen is your guide. She’s got gumption, grit, and gladness and shines God’s glory wherever she goes. Ask her about abundance in difficult times and be blessed.

Kelly Jo Doll

Kelly has been part of our church family since age 5. Seriously, ask Kelly (teacher and massage therapist and adventurer) about our church story. And then be encouraged by her prophetic nature and generous spirit.

Sharon Ouzts

Sharon has a rich history in the faith. Ask her about tent revivals and encounters with the Holy Spirit. She loves watching softball and playing piano, but her deepest joys are to pray for you and to share God’s love with a stranger.

Jenn Biffert

Coffee and pastries, design and babies, worship leading and Jesus—a few of the beautiful things in life that Jenn savors. This Carolina mama is like sweet tea for our church family. Find her and hubby Tim at The Honeysuckle Coffee Co.

Michael Bode

With his expert video game creations, software development and IT service, and entrepreneurial vibe, Michael has worked on projects across the U.S. and Europe. We are super grateful for his help on our sound team and his inquisitive mind.

Steve Wanke Elder

Listen for Steve’s strong, hope-giving voice; he uses it to proclaim the life-changing power of Jesus. You’ll also hear that voice welcoming visitors to worship, directing volunteers at our annual outreaches, and barking out orders to our co-ed softball team.

Halen Seevinck

Halen savors life—whether it’s a gathering of friends, a work trip to Africa, or her children in her lap. With beautiful words, a song on her lips, and a mischievous smile, Halen knows how to stir you up to love and good works.

Kay Rudd Elder

After years of serving the Church overseas, Kay brings her love of diversity and foreign foods to our local church body. Ask her about missions and serving local refugees, or take her teaching gift to task in a Bible quiz.

Adam Wallin

Look for a funny and sociable guy behind our drum kit, if he’s got a beard, that’s Adam. You may also see him selling houses, playing with his little dog Lucky or hanging out with his wife Jonni. Adam really loves bringing people to Jesus.

Bob Brownell

Bob generously shares his many gifts with us. It’s a treat to sit at his table for a special dish, to see his paintings in progress, to hear his song and music, and to learn from his wealth of experience. He’s loved Jesus faithfully and it shows.

Sharon Seevinck Staff & Elder

Need spiritual freedom? Don’t worry, we all do. Sharon equips us to deal with curses and generational bondage. Her prophetic voice reminds us that there’s no other god besides the Great I Am. And thank goodness for her advocacy for women.

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