Kay & Jack Rudd

Kay RuddAfter serving as missionaries for fifteen years in the South Pacific regions of New Zealand and Vanuatu in educational ministry, we are now living in Sandy and working with The Vine Institute, www.vine-institute.org. Our mission is to connect, educate and celebrate many cultures in Christ who currently live in the Salt Lake Valley as refugees and immigrants. This growing group represents over 50 nations and 120 languages some of whom come from a Christian background and have not connected with a church during their difficult resettlement here in the USA. We are thankful to be back with our children and grandchildren and use our cross cultural experiences among people of many nations.

 Cheryl B..

Cheryl B.. will be working in Penang, Malaysia for World Outreach.  She will be serving in an administrative role supporting the Regional Directors of Asia and Australia. World Outreach ministers to people with little or no access to hear about Jesus.  Outreach is through a variety of efforts such as live-in schools, safe houses for children, foster homes, employment for women escaping sex trafficking, Bible studies for children, church planting and other humanitarian aid.

 Tiffany Buhler

Rose Pylides

Rose-and-babyU-SA Cares For Life is a Christian organization supporting SA Cares for Life in South Africa as it serves the needs of mothers and babies facing the devastating effects of poverty, abandonment, and HIV/AIDS. Our doors are open with hearts of love and unconditional acceptance of any person regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. The leader of U-SA Cares for Life, Rose has been in relationship with SA Cares for Life since 2001. She has visited South Africa many times to partner with the ministry there to change the destiny of children, women and communities.
Please consider supporting this ministry – your US dollar goes a long way in South Africa. See the USA website: U-SA Cares for Life in South Africa.

Mark & Laura Francis

Mark and Laura walk with a vision to see Utah transformed with God’s heart. Compelled to encourage vision and hope over God’s preeminent goodness, unfathomable love, and faithful presence, they have, for the past 17 years, helped others understand their value and worth as a creation of God’s design and filled with purpose and destiny. Beyond personal ministry, they also offer support to small groups, churches or organization through seasoned speaking, group equipping, writings, audio messages and spiritual consulting. Their primary goal remains to help deepen personal relationships with Jesus, and provide encouragement for others to understand and fulfill their unique role within their own culture and journey. For further details, visit their website: www.heavensdawn.net