What then is the right course, believers? When you meet together, each one has a psalm, a teaching, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let everything be constructive and edifying and done for the good of all the church. (1 Cor 14:26 AMP)


Our services begin with a time of singing, which kids join us for. (If they’d like, they can participate in a separate children’s lesson during the sermon.) We don’t consider the noise or movement of children to be a distraction in worship; rather, they are an essential part of whowe are, and we like that they can participate in their own way. While we worship, you may see people raising their hands, dancing, sitting quietly, singing, clapping, waving banners, kneeling, or even crying. We value freedom and want you to feel free to worship however you’d like.

During the service, people from our community sometimes share stories, dreams, or insights from the Lord with the congregation. This is facilitated by a leader seated at the front of the auditorium.  After singing, there will be announcements and a (no-pressure) opportunity to give financially,followed by the sermon. At the end of the service, designated volunteers gather in the front of the room to pray for anyone who’d like prayer, though just about anyone will be willing to pray with you; all you need to do is ask.

Please wear whatever you’d like. Most of us dress casually—jeans, khakis, whatever. We hope you will experience the peace and presence of God with us, meet some members of our church family, and feel comfortable as you join us in worship.


Our goal is to see young people experience the power of God’s presence, develop real relationships with Jesus and others, and gain freedom from things that hold them back from reaching their true potential.  Our hope is that each young person be immovable and unshakable in their faith, rooted and established in love and confident about who God made them to be.  We minister to young people using a team approach with a variety of people to encourage them in their particular gifts, abilities and interests…and also so that we can have more fun!


We believe children should be seen and heard!

We wish to provide a safe and loving environment in which children sense the presence of God and learn to walk in the gifts given to each of them by the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to disciple kids to be spirit-filled followers of Jesus who experience an intimate, dynamic, and powerful relationship with him. We also enjoy equipping parents and others who have a desire to minister to children do so effectively.

“Play is the highest form of research”― Albert Einstein


Our equipping classes are conducted throughout the year on various evenings of the week.

We view three of these classes as staples and repeat them regularly:

  • Exploring Kingdom Life explores the ways in which we see our church functioning as a part of the body of Christ.
  • Freedom Seminar and Freedom Discipleship equip us to experience and help others experience freedom through deliverance from bondage and curses.

We cover many other topics as well. Some classes and topics are more lecture-oriented, while others are more interactive. We post the schedule for upcoming classes in our calendar.

HEALING MEETING (Last Tuesday eve of each month – not meeting during the summer)

We believe in the supernatural power of God and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through all believers. Jesus clearly commissioned us to do what he has done. We see the powerful workings of God’s healing and restoring power in our midst. People are healed miraculously of all kinds of sicknesses as well as of emotional pains. Circumstances that seemed to be hopeless change in a powerful way.

During these times we want to encourage, inspire and help you to activate your faith. Come and expect a miracle from God! If you need healing in any area of your life, we’d like to pray for you. Bring friends and family and join us!


Various opportunities exist in our church where you can connect to others and serve our community. Our desire is that every participant in The Fellowship expresses their own abilities and passion in service to God and others. The following includes some of the activies we serve in together:

  • Worship teams
  • Prayer (including intercession and prayer walking)
  • Counseling
  • Prophetic teams
  • Worship & Creative Arts
  • Spanish worship service
  • Media Ministry
  • Outreach
  • Ushering
  • Nursery
  • Missions
  • Freedom Ministry (deliverance and inner healing – includes what is refered to as Sozo ministry
  • Softball
  • Dinner Fellowships
  • All worship Sundays